Crossing Area Multi-Robot Cooperation System 2016


We design a multi-robots cooperation system, which contains a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and a UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle). UAV system is good at long term manipulation, however, it’s weak in global navigation; UGV is flexible in global navigation but weak in endurance ability. Multi robots system could make up the shortages of different robots. However, the key problem is that, the scan from different robots may have a totally different resolution, scale, format etc. How to make the accurate cooperate localization between Large scale-Coarse point clouds with Small scale-Dense point clouds.

test image size

In this program, we based on the multi-resolution ICP and particle filter achieve near real-time Air-ground cooperation. Where the UAV could generate large scale point cloud map based on the ORB-SLAM method with basic camera support. The ground vehicle, which has a Velodyne 32E LiDAR mounted on the top of the car, could generate local dense 3D point-cloud. In the experiment, based on our method, we could achieve coordinate localization in the 400*500 area. Without any initialization, the matching miss error is within 3m, matching time within 1.5 seconds. The related video could be found below.