Field Autonomous Driving


The mission is aim to enable the Autonomous Car travel about 15~20 km in the unstructured terrain area. Because there is no obvious road shape in the terrain area, efficient road shape estimation method need to be taken; On the other side, trees and tunnel may also shield the GPS signal, so efficient LiDAR-Odometry and Visual-SLAM method needs to be added into the localization structure.

test image size

test image size

In this program, I am the leader responding for the whole system design, including bottom hardware, and the software framework of the Autonomous Driving Car. The software framework is shown on the upper right figure, my work is focused in the below module:

  • Multi-layer Description: build road structure, static objects, dynamic objects based multilayer maps for path planning and decision making.
  • Road structure: estimate the road forks, interactions, and dead end, for path planning and replanning.